Good Night Harry

Hello all,

You can now buy our debut CD “Good Night Harry” on CD Baby. Here is the link:


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Yooo! It is fricikin cold out!
like really numb fingers if you try to play guitar outside cold. Like playing in the subway kind of sucks cold. Yeah, cold.
So anyway, we are in processes among processes right now. I’m putting on a fundraiser for Shaolin Temple on March 7th. Write it down on your calendars all. The Vipers will be there, Tin Pan Blues Band and the USA Shaolin Demo team, plus a lot of other cool stuff, and Kami willing, a whole crap load of Sake. Lots of Sake. Should be good.
In band land, we’re working stuff out, got some gigs coming up, going to Japan soon possibly. May. I have to look this up though, cause if that’s giant monster (Kaiju) season in Tokyo, I might not go. Y’know nothing kills a swing dance like Godzilla and Mothra raising hell in downtown Tokyo. The mood just goes downhill from there. Giant Lizards can’t lindy. Go figure.
A quick shout out to Nikolai Tesla, who’s dead, yet may have preserved his brain inside a radio. Who knows. He is the father of alternating current, and Thomas Edison’s nemesis in the science world. Go Tesla!!!
Aside from that, share the love y’all!
billy Nemec.

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The Bedford Ave. L Train Stop

This evening Billy, Adrian (sax) and I did a little busking on the L train Bedford Ave. platform which is a convenient two stops from mine (Graham Ave.) When I got there Billy was already manning the spot and talking to Cassidy (uprightbassist) who just happened to be passing through and as we were getting ready to play Stephane (saxes) walked up and said hello. It felt like if I stayed there long enough everyone I played with would pass by.
The playing was fun and Williamsburgers are good listeners in general.
Oh it’s the slow weeks following the holidays when musicians need to hybernate to survive. The less we consume the longer our holiday gig money will last. Thankfully we will be sojourning to Florida in Feb. to play and hang a bit in the sun. We went there last year because we landed a nice festival called Tropical Heatwave Festival in Tampa. This time so such luck. But we are playing a few clubs and a nice sized swing dance hosted by Swing Time. Also this time we will be trying to get our foot in the door in Key West. We have been trying to get a gig at The Green Parrot but to no avail. So we decided to go there anyway and busk and show up at The Parrot so we can at least meet the right peoples. Kind of an in person press kit. Wish us luck.


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New T shirts and buying local

We have new T shirts available. Thanks to Bob and Ivar and Nico for submitting designs. We decided to go with Bob’s. There is a picture of the design on our myspace page. In looking for a place to get the T shirts made it quickly became apparent that these things are pricey. Discmakers wants all kinds of money for black and white print on cheap shirts. Then I remembered that a lovely lady named Krisstina saw us play in Central Park a while back and forwarded me the the contact info for a design guy here in Brooklyn. Matt at Werdink Productions, 47 Thames Street, Brooklyn NYC 11237.
He hooked me up. I just picked up the shirts today and as I am looking at them in a box I notice a big old silk screen of our design set up on this hand press machine. He had silk screened all of our shirts by hand. Now that is craftsmanship. It felt good to suport a local artisan and he gave us a great deal compared to the big companies I checked out.
Buy local. It makes you feel good.


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