Yooo! It is fricikin cold out!
like really cold..like numb fingers if you try to play guitar outside cold. Like playing in the subway kind of sucks cold. Yeah, cold.
So anyway, we are in processes among processes right now. I’m putting on a fundraiser for Shaolin Temple on March 7th. Write it down on your calendars all. The Vipers will be there, Tin Pan Blues Band and the USA Shaolin Demo team, plus a lot of other cool stuff, and Kami willing, a whole crap load of Sake. Lots of Sake. Should be good.
In band land, we’re working stuff out, got some gigs coming up, going to Japan soon possibly. May. I have to look this up though, cause if that’s giant monster (Kaiju) season in Tokyo, I might not go. Y’know nothing kills a swing dance like Godzilla and Mothra raising hell in downtown Tokyo. The mood just goes downhill from there. Giant Lizards can’t lindy. Go figure.
A quick shout out to Nikolai Tesla, who’s dead, yet may have preserved his brain inside a radio. Who knows. He is the father of alternating current, and Thomas Edison’s nemesis in the science world. Go Tesla!!!
Aside from that, share the love y’all!
billy Nemec.

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