In case you haven’t been to our website in awhile or ever. I wanted to let you know that we have spruced it up a bit.
On the Samples page we have video and audio clips of the band.
On the gigs page we have three ways to to keep up with us.
1. A link to our Blog here on wordpress.
2. An embedded twitter widget that tells what we are doing right now.
3. An embedded google calender with all the details about our up and coming shows.
And, on the Contact page we have updated the contact info so you should be able to get a hold of us pretty easily.

Buona Pasqua!

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Zack attack!!!!

Greetings faithful readers!
So, today we started our new Manhattan gig, which was verry cool, a bit loud, tipped so well (thank you Zack for your confrontational yet cheerful manner of tip jar running) tipped way welll! This was on the east side, lower east side, as in Alphabet city, as in a neighborhood that was pretty darn scary for years…and now, we brunch….cool.
So, let’s talk about Morp. morp, morp, morp….what or who is morp? why has morp come the attention of the band? Is morp good, is morp bad, is morp neutral (like Switzerland)?Yeah, morp will unfold as time goes on, morp will make progress. Morp.
So, I think that all these hiphop guys sell alot of records by talking shit about each other, shooting at each other, and making big insulting statements in their albums. Kind of cool really, sort of like bad guy wrestlers and good guy wrestlers I guess. So why not do that in a swing band? Could be cool, but I don’t think I could afford a drive by. Jazz bands would maybe just have throw rocks at each other, cause really, its not like we can afford good weaponry..maybe just a switchblade or something…Or one of those combs that looks like a switchblade. “I’ll comb your ass, Bee-yatch!!!” oh yeah…
Till next time

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