Back in Key West

We just returned from another fantastic stint in Key West Florida. We played the late night slot at The Hogs Breath and during the Gumbay Fest at Blue Heaven
This past week was the beginning of Fantasy Fest down in Key West which is their annual bacchanal event akin to Mardi Gras and Carnivale. There were a lot of women walking around in nothing but body paint and men walking around in nothing but g-strings and a sack for their junk. Sounds like good people watching but some of these people should not have been so scantily clad. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad.
While down there we did a live radio show on KONKAM radio. They told us there would be an archive on their website but that does not look functional. I will put an MP3 copy on our websites soon.
Mark and KC are street performers who do a show every evening on Mallory Square that coincides with the sun set. Everyone goes to Mallory Square to watch the sun go down. It is quite beautiful. So with that as the back drop street performers from acrobats to musicians do their shows and Mark and KC are two of the biggest draws. KC does a straight jacket routine while Mark balances on a ladder and then a very tall unicycle that he calls a suicycle (as in suicide unicycle) while juggling and telling jokes. Billy swears he learned how to busk watching these guys. So, if you are ever in Key West go to Mallory Square at sunset and look for Mark and KC. You won’t regret it. (Be sure to tip well. Or they will follow you to your hotel and start the show all over again.)


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