Zack attack!!!!

Greetings faithful readers!
So, today we started our new Manhattan gig, which was verry cool, a bit loud, tipped so well (thank you Zack for your confrontational yet cheerful manner of tip jar running) tipped way welll! This was on the east side, lower east side, as in Alphabet city, as in a neighborhood that was pretty darn scary for years…and now, we brunch….cool.
So, let’s talk about Morp. morp, morp, morp….what or who is morp? why has morp come the attention of the band? Is morp good, is morp bad, is morp neutral (like Switzerland)?Yeah, morp will unfold as time goes on, morp will make progress. Morp.
So, I think that all these hiphop guys sell alot of records by talking shit about each other, shooting at each other, and making big insulting statements in their albums. Kind of cool really, sort of like bad guy wrestlers and good guy wrestlers I guess. So why not do that in a swing band? Could be cool, but I don’t think I could afford a drive by. Jazz bands would maybe just have throw rocks at each other, cause really, its not like we can afford good weaponry..maybe just a switchblade or something…Or one of those combs that looks like a switchblade. “I’ll comb your ass, Bee-yatch!!!” oh yeah…
Till next time

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Florida tour 09

florida tour 09
Yo yo yo what up!
So, we just returned from our Florida tour, and man, it is too damn cold up here, Cmon global warming, do your stuff.
Anyway, we did some great gigs down in the sunshine state, but it was quite a task getting there. Now, apparently, Continental Airlines works sort of like a Continental breakfast. It sounds really fancy, but in reality, all you get is some stale coffee and some day old donuts….ick. So, we got to the airport, got on our OVERBOOKED airplane, and then were told “We don’t have enough seats, get lost” at which point emerged the four Levels of Viper reaction….Thom Abbot, calm, in control, myself(Billy) a bit miffed but expecting nothing less from said crappy airline, Chris Pistorino, slightly more agitated, cursing a bit and visibly angry. And last but not least, David Langlois….Completely. Freaked. The F**k. Out. “I’m not getting off this plane, I paid to be here, I can’t believe this”
“Sir, you need to get off this plane”
“Go ahead, what you gonna do?”
Oh shit, this is the part where they arrest him or something or so we thought. But no, he gets off the plane and starts writing down names of everyone at the desk. Now, what I hadn’t realized that David had caught was the fact that while our ticket taker person was on the phone there were three seats left (no assigned seats on this flight) and while our man yapped with someone, one of our seats was given away to someone with a ticket, same thing, no seat assignment. Such nonsense.
Anyway, we ultimately missed our first scheduled gig at the Parrot in Key West, however, the owner hooked us up with two extra shows and totally showed us love. Not like NY not my problem hard ass attitude, but genuinely hooked us up. John is da man. Can’t wait to play there again..We spent the days just sort of goofing off and riding bicycles all over the island. Twas too cool.
We did a couple other things in the rest of Florida as well, stayed in a hostel in Miami, Mangos in Lauderdale, and a swing dance in Tampa. A fun trip all in all, and the origin of our new catch phrase, “f**k me bananas.” What the hell that means, I have no idea. None. But its catchy, so go with me on this.
So, that’s our big first tour 09. I’m sure there will be many more to come, and many more Viper misadventures to discuss. Ok, and now a slight B reference, give it up for a fine old film serial, Undersea Kingdom. This great serial featured big oilcan looking robots and one fabulous quote “Your mind has been transformed, you just don’t know it” Dig that shit baby, they just don’t write em like they used to.
Billy Nemec

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Devil cop from Hell!

Devil cop from Hell!
Yo, yo yo!
So, check it out y’all, yesterday, a sunny beautiful, seemed like a great day to go to work in Sunny Central Park. When we got there, it was a bit confusing though, as spots were taken, and we ran into our new friend in the park, soon to be the subject of many a blog.
Now, I’m sure some of you realize the fact that there’s folks in new York with a couple of screws loose. Hell, I’m one of”em! But sometimes, ya meet those special nutcases that really make the day worthwhile, the kind of whackiness that leaves you loving New York, while thanking the stars for your your sanity. So any way, this older “gentleman” sits on the fountain near bethesda regularly, aand plays music. On his radio. Loudly. Sometimes he sort of plays along with his flute. Ok. Yesterday, he sat to himself BLARING his radio (Coltrane) over and over…We tried to just kind of look past it/play past it. However at one point, Chris politely asked him
“Hey can ya turn it down, we’re trying to work”
“Man, just stay over there and do your thing, and I’ll do mine”
“cmon man, we’re trying to make money”
“Money, that’s the devil! You’re a cop! You’re the devil! I been here 70 years playing music! I’m the reason you can be out here!”
“fine, I’ll turn it off, cause you’re a cop…Everybody out here playin’ is a cop!”
And he turned it off. Thanks to Chris Pistorino, Devil Cop From Hell! OOOOHHHH YYYEAHHHH!
And past that, y’know, a pretty average day past that. Nice to be outdoors again, but I dunno man, if Chris can control the weather and shit, I’ll never get a day off again….Devil Cop.
Okay, a quick shout out to Alfonso Rebeiro (spelling?) who played Carlton on Fresh Prince of Belair. But y’all must check out an earlier work he did, a genius piece of horror film called “Ticks”. Seems that kids should just not go camping. Ever. Not ever. Or they will die gruesome and painful deaths. In this film, our murderous malice was not one but many, many giant ticks, who apparently got all big by ingesting a plant steiroid meant for some home grown Marijuana up in them thar hills. Those things were huge and gross and scary…Not to mention some redneck pot growers trying to kill everyone off on top of it. Truly, a quality piece of trash worth giving a look to.
Until next time,
Be B, dance well, dig life, and don’t break any laws in front of Chris Pistorino. And buy tickets to the USA Shaolin Swing Spectacular! Now!
Billy Nemec

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Yooo! It is fricikin cold out!
like really numb fingers if you try to play guitar outside cold. Like playing in the subway kind of sucks cold. Yeah, cold.
So anyway, we are in processes among processes right now. I’m putting on a fundraiser for Shaolin Temple on March 7th. Write it down on your calendars all. The Vipers will be there, Tin Pan Blues Band and the USA Shaolin Demo team, plus a lot of other cool stuff, and Kami willing, a whole crap load of Sake. Lots of Sake. Should be good.
In band land, we’re working stuff out, got some gigs coming up, going to Japan soon possibly. May. I have to look this up though, cause if that’s giant monster (Kaiju) season in Tokyo, I might not go. Y’know nothing kills a swing dance like Godzilla and Mothra raising hell in downtown Tokyo. The mood just goes downhill from there. Giant Lizards can’t lindy. Go figure.
A quick shout out to Nikolai Tesla, who’s dead, yet may have preserved his brain inside a radio. Who knows. He is the father of alternating current, and Thomas Edison’s nemesis in the science world. Go Tesla!!!
Aside from that, share the love y’all!
billy Nemec.

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Billy’s random thoughts.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, today is a good day, cause today is Thursday. Yeah….So, if U haven’t picked up a Blue Vipers CD yet, DO IT NOW! While supplies last, for a limited time only, we’ll throw in a case! Whoo Hooo! We got Tshirts (maybe) too, and you can always order a promo poster, so you can see us perched on a rock in Williamsburg….Or, I’ll send you a picture of his underwear, looking innocent yet aware…Or not.

Ok, as some of u know, we celebrate alot of things at this time of year, but tomorrow, lets celebrate snow…Cause that’s gonna be about it for the day…A whole shitload of snow…Merry Christmas ho ho ho white Christmas, oh yeah.

So, I gotta say this to all my readers out in dance land, “THE HOUSE IS NOT A DANCER FRIENDLY VENUE!” In other words, the owner jumped on me about dancers dancing at a nondanceable venue..He was pissed too..Very Pissed..The place is just tooo smalll…Sorry dancers, that ain’t the place to boogie, and pleeeease don’t push it or ITS MY ASS! Thanx.

And now, the B movie reference of the day is not to one film but one man who directed many films, Mario Bava, an Italian Visionary who directed such classics as The Planet of the Vampires, inspiration for Aliens and other such flicks..Mario was a painter originally, then went on to make some beautiful films in Italian and English such as Knives of the avenger, Kill,Baby, Kill, and The Day the Sky Exploded…

Young Mario went from painting to his father’s work in sculpting and special effects…The colors in his films are Brilliant, lots of cool stuff going on there and really the precursors to many modern genres of Horror films are included in his body of work (check out Twitch of The Death Nerve to see the birth of the slasher flick) Cool stuff.

On that note,

B is for beautiful! not for Budget!

Check us out soon, watch many movies, and listen to cool stuff every cahnce u get!


Billy Nemec

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