Devil cop from Hell!

Devil cop from Hell!
Yo, yo yo!
So, check it out y’all, yesterday, a sunny beautiful, seemed like a great day to go to work in Sunny Central Park. When we got there, it was a bit confusing though, as spots were taken, and we ran into our new friend in the park, soon to be the subject of many a blog.
Now, I’m sure some of you realize the fact that there’s folks in new York with a couple of screws loose. Hell, I’m one of”em! But sometimes, ya meet those special nutcases that really make the day worthwhile, the kind of whackiness that leaves you loving New York, while thanking the stars for your your sanity. So any way, this older “gentleman” sits on the fountain near bethesda regularly, aand plays music. On his radio. Loudly. Sometimes he sort of plays along with his flute. Ok. Yesterday, he sat to himself BLARING his radio (Coltrane) over and over…We tried to just kind of look past it/play past it. However at one point, Chris politely asked him
“Hey can ya turn it down, we’re trying to work”
“Man, just stay over there and do your thing, and I’ll do mine”
“cmon man, we’re trying to make money”
“Money, that’s the devil! You’re a cop! You’re the devil! I been here 70 years playing music! I’m the reason you can be out here!”
“fine, I’ll turn it off, cause you’re a cop…Everybody out here playin’ is a cop!”
And he turned it off. Thanks to Chris Pistorino, Devil Cop From Hell! OOOOHHHH YYYEAHHHH!
And past that, y’know, a pretty average day past that. Nice to be outdoors again, but I dunno man, if Chris can control the weather and shit, I’ll never get a day off again….Devil Cop.
Okay, a quick shout out to Alfonso Rebeiro (spelling?) who played Carlton on Fresh Prince of Belair. But y’all must check out an earlier work he did, a genius piece of horror film called “Ticks”. Seems that kids should just not go camping. Ever. Not ever. Or they will die gruesome and painful deaths. In this film, our murderous malice was not one but many, many giant ticks, who apparently got all big by ingesting a plant steiroid meant for some home grown Marijuana up in them thar hills. Those things were huge and gross and scary…Not to mention some redneck pot growers trying to kill everyone off on top of it. Truly, a quality piece of trash worth giving a look to.
Until next time,
Be B, dance well, dig life, and don’t break any laws in front of Chris Pistorino. And buy tickets to the USA Shaolin Swing Spectacular! Now!
Billy Nemec

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Bethesda Terrace Underpass

Sunday, Feb. 8th was an unusually warm day. So, being the conscientious street performers that we are, we convened at Bathesda Fountain for a little outdoor concert. No sooner had we started the first tune when a dark cloud rolled in. One of those clouds that looks like they are following some grumpy person as they travel around the city. Well, we were playing “When You’re Smiling” and it started to drizzle and we thought it would soon pass. But, instead it got a bit more heavy so we cut the song short grabbed all of our stuff and ran under the Terrace, which by the way I am sad to report was recently tagged by some fool who wanted to put some black spray paint over the recently restored art that awaits the unsuspecting tourist as they stroll down the stairs toward the fountain.
Of course everyone in the area had the same idea so we set up quick and serenaded the literally captive audience. The sound under there was haunting. A lot of natural reverb and we didn’t have to play loud to project. A new fan of the band, Stephen Davis Phillips, snapped a few photos and I am going to see if I can include them here somehow. (Not too computer savvy am I.)
The rain cloud quickly passed and with it went our audience so we grabbed all of our stuff and headed back out to the fountain. On the way out I overheard a little boy asking his father with disbelief how I was able to carry my double bass, it’s case and a backpack full of CD’s all at once. Of course he didn’t know it was called a double bass. The father’s answer was that if the little boy wanted to be able to carry something that big he would have to start eating more vegetables.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

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