Our 2nd California Trip (Beware of Bobby Soul)

We haven’t added to our blog in a while so I thought I would mention that we had a great time in California. We want to thank Nathan Dias in San Francisco, Ron, Dan and Jeanne in Sacramento and Tom’s Aunt and Uncle Christie & Russ Frandsen near L.A. for putting us up for a night or two.
One great bit of the tour was driving from L.A. to San Francisco on Route One. Such a beautiful drive.
One horrible bit of the tour was being cheated out of money promised to us in writing by the evil Bobby Soul. So I want to warn any band looking to play in the L.A. area DO NOT WORK WITH
Robert P. Mc Lachlan
For that matter don’t ever perform at
We know from what happened to us and from talking to the sound man and the manager that Bobby Soul (Robert McLachlan) routinely stiffs the bands out of money they are promised to be paid after they finish playing there.
What happened to us was that they under paid us after the gig and when I pointed this out to the manager he said I had to take it up with Bobby. He also added that this has happened many times. Bobby, of course was no where to be found. I had to repeatedly call him while I refused to leave the manager’s office until this was resolved. Long story short he called me a liar I called him dishonest and the band left.
Later I emailed him the agreement we had and called him again. He said he would mail check to me for the missing balance. That was a month ago and now he is not returning my phone calls or emails.
Spread the word far and wide Robert P. Mc Lachlan is dishonest and should not be trusted. Does anyone out there know the proper agency to complain about this? I don’t think The Better Business Bureau is the proper place.
There I feel better now.

On a happier note we are going to France/Switzerland y’all. In November we will be teaching school children in Bulle Switzerland a little bit about American roots/blues/country/jazz music. Wish us luck.


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“It’s Key West” tour

We just came back from our second trip to Key West. On the first day there we were checking out some amazing street performers on Malory Square and one them, after asking a member of the audience to do something a little risque, said “Hey It’s Key West.”
That phrase stuck. From then on when ever we saw something crazy on the streets or in the bars we (and often other people) just said “It’s Key West.” We can’t wait to go back.


The Blue Vipers at Blue Heaven Key West

The Blue Vipers at Blue Heaven Key West

The Blue Vipers at Hog's Breath Key West

The Blue Vipers at Hog's Breath Key West

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In case you haven’t been to our website in awhile or ever. I wanted to let you know that we have spruced it up a bit.
On the Samples page we have video and audio clips of the band.
On the gigs page we have three ways to to keep up with us.
1. A link to our Blog here on wordpress.
2. An embedded twitter widget that tells what we are doing right now.
3. An embedded google calender with all the details about our up and coming shows.
And, on the Contact page we have updated the contact info so you should be able to get a hold of us pretty easily.

Buona Pasqua!

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Brunch @ The East Village Tavern

Thanks to everyone who came to our premier brunch show at The East Village Tavern. The place was packed and a bit loud what with all the merry making and what not. The good news is that we will be there every Sunday from 12 noon till 4PM until y’all stop coming and we get fired so lets make that never happen. The drinks and food are well priced and the place felt real comfortable to me. Soon as spring takes hold and New York becomes warm and lovely again the doors/windows will stay open and there will be sidewalk seating. Can’t wait.
Thanks goes to Zack for convincing Owen to let us play there and to Owen for letting himself be convinced.
I will post a few pictures that Angie took as soon as I get them.

Chris Brunch @ The East Village Tavern

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Bethesda Terrace Underpass

Sunday, Feb. 8th was an unusually warm day. So, being the conscientious street performers that we are, we convened at Bathesda Fountain for a little outdoor concert. No sooner had we started the first tune when a dark cloud rolled in. One of those clouds that looks like they are following some grumpy person as they travel around the city. Well, we were playing “When You’re Smiling” and it started to drizzle and we thought it would soon pass. But, instead it got a bit more heavy so we cut the song short grabbed all of our stuff and ran under the Terrace, which by the way I am sad to report was recently tagged by some fool who wanted to put some black spray paint over the recently restored art that awaits the unsuspecting tourist as they stroll down the stairs toward the fountain.
Of course everyone in the area had the same idea so we set up quick and serenaded the literally captive audience. The sound under there was haunting. A lot of natural reverb and we didn’t have to play loud to project. A new fan of the band, Stephen Davis Phillips, snapped a few photos and I am going to see if I can include them here somehow. (Not too computer savvy am I.)
The rain cloud quickly passed and with it went our audience so we grabbed all of our stuff and headed back out to the fountain. On the way out I overheard a little boy asking his father with disbelief how I was able to carry my double bass, it’s case and a backpack full of CD’s all at once. Of course he didn’t know it was called a double bass. The father’s answer was that if the little boy wanted to be able to carry something that big he would have to start eating more vegetables.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

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Good Night Harry

Hello all,

You can now buy our debut CD “Good Night Harry” on CD Baby. Here is the link:



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The Bedford Ave. L Train Stop

This evening Billy, Adrian (sax) and I did a little busking on the L train Bedford Ave. platform which is a convenient two stops from mine (Graham Ave.) When I got there Billy was already manning the spot and talking to Cassidy (uprightbassist) who just happened to be passing through and as we were getting ready to play Stephane (saxes) walked up and said hello. It felt like if I stayed there long enough everyone I played with would pass by.
The playing was fun and Williamsburgers are good listeners in general.
Oh it’s the slow weeks following the holidays when musicians need to hybernate to survive. The less we consume the longer our holiday gig money will last. Thankfully we will be sojourning to Florida in Feb. to play and hang a bit in the sun. We went there last year because we landed a nice festival called Tropical Heatwave Festival in Tampa. This time so such luck. But we are playing a few clubs and a nice sized swing dance hosted by Swing Time. Also this time we will be trying to get our foot in the door in Key West. We have been trying to get a gig at The Green Parrot but to no avail. So we decided to go there anyway and busk and show up at The Parrot so we can at least meet the right peoples. Kind of an in person press kit. Wish us luck.


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New T shirts and buying local

We have new T shirts available. Thanks to Bob and Ivar and Nico for submitting designs. We decided to go with Bob’s. There is a picture of the design on our myspace page. myspace.com/thebluevipersofbrooklyn. In looking for a place to get the T shirts made it quickly became apparent that these things are pricey. Discmakers wants all kinds of money for black and white print on cheap shirts. Then I remembered that a lovely lady named Krisstina saw us play in Central Park a while back and forwarded me the the contact info for a design guy here in Brooklyn. Matt at Werdink Productions, 47 Thames Street, Brooklyn NYC 11237. www.werdink.com
He hooked me up. I just picked up the shirts today and as I am looking at them in a box I notice a big old silk screen of our design set up on this hand press machine. He had silk screened all of our shirts by hand. Now that is craftsmanship. It felt good to suport a local artisan and he gave us a great deal compared to the big companies I checked out.
Buy local. It makes you feel good.


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