The Blue Vipers CD release party with guests Ron Sunshine and DJ Tomo

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn are throwing a party celebrating the release of their greatly anticipated third CD “Permanent Magic.”
Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.

Wednesday February 23 from 8PM to 11PM @ Tammany Hall
152 Orchard Street New York City NY 10002
$10 Cover Charge.
Buy one Brooklyn Lager get one free.
The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn sextet
Billy Nemec – lead vocals/guitar
Chris Pistorino – upright bass
David Langlois – washboard percussion
Sam Hoyt – trumpet
Tom Abbott – saxes
Matt Musselman – trombone

Special guests Ron Sunshine’s band will be performing from 8PM to 9PM.

Ron Sunshine – lead vocals/harmonica
Brian Charette – organ
Jason Pharr – drums
Matt Chertkoff – guitar

DJ Tomo Tanaka will be keeping things swinging throughout the night.

Blue Vipers music can be purchased at:
and ITunes

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“It’s Key West” tour

We just came back from our second trip to Key West. On the first day there we were checking out some amazing street performers on Malory Square and one them, after asking a member of the audience to do something a little risque, said “Hey It’s Key West.”
That phrase stuck. From then on when ever we saw something crazy on the streets or in the bars we (and often other people) just said “It’s Key West.” We can’t wait to go back.


The Blue Vipers at Blue Heaven Key West

The Blue Vipers at Blue Heaven Key West

The Blue Vipers at Hog's Breath Key West

The Blue Vipers at Hog's Breath Key West

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Brunch @ The East Village Tavern

Thanks to everyone who came to our premier brunch show at The East Village Tavern. The place was packed and a bit loud what with all the merry making and what not. The good news is that we will be there every Sunday from 12 noon till 4PM until y’all stop coming and we get fired so lets make that never happen. The drinks and food are well priced and the place felt real comfortable to me. Soon as spring takes hold and New York becomes warm and lovely again the doors/windows will stay open and there will be sidewalk seating. Can’t wait.
Thanks goes to Zack for convincing Owen to let us play there and to Owen for letting himself be convinced.
I will post a few pictures that Angie took as soon as I get them.

Chris Brunch @ The East Village Tavern

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Bethesda Terrace Underpass

Sunday, Feb. 8th was an unusually warm day. So, being the conscientious street performers that we are, we convened at Bathesda Fountain for a little outdoor concert. No sooner had we started the first tune when a dark cloud rolled in. One of those clouds that looks like they are following some grumpy person as they travel around the city. Well, we were playing “When You’re Smiling” and it started to drizzle and we thought it would soon pass. But, instead it got a bit more heavy so we cut the song short grabbed all of our stuff and ran under the Terrace, which by the way I am sad to report was recently tagged by some fool who wanted to put some black spray paint over the recently restored art that awaits the unsuspecting tourist as they stroll down the stairs toward the fountain.
Of course everyone in the area had the same idea so we set up quick and serenaded the literally captive audience. The sound under there was haunting. A lot of natural reverb and we didn’t have to play loud to project. A new fan of the band, Stephen Davis Phillips, snapped a few photos and I am going to see if I can include them here somehow. (Not too computer savvy am I.)
The rain cloud quickly passed and with it went our audience so we grabbed all of our stuff and headed back out to the fountain. On the way out I overheard a little boy asking his father with disbelief how I was able to carry my double bass, it’s case and a backpack full of CD’s all at once. Of course he didn’t know it was called a double bass. The father’s answer was that if the little boy wanted to be able to carry something that big he would have to start eating more vegetables.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

The Bethesda Terrace Underpass Sunday Feb. 8 2009. Photo by Stephen Davis Phillips.

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